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Government Of Assam Fishery Directorate of Fisheries

What We Do

  • Directorate of Fisheries is the implementing organization under the Department of Fisheries, Government of Assam.


    Maximize sustainable production from Fisheries Sector for fulfilling the domestic need of fish, nutritional security & economic prosperity and to become a leading freshwater fish producing state in the country. The Department has adopted development planning for the fisheries sector as per the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) self sufficiency followed by surplus production for export. Goals targeted under SDGs are: Short term: To meet the nutritional demand of fish in the state Medium term: To make fish available to common people at affordable price and to provide fish for nutritional supplement at over 15 kg per capita per annum Long term: To produce surplus fish and cater to the need of other N.E. States and neighboring countries


    Mission of the Department is to promote, facilitate and secure the long-term development, conservation and utilization of fisheries resources based on responsible fishing practices and environmentally sound management programmes with focus on:

    Sustainable utilization of the natural fish resources

    Augmentation of fish production by aquaculture, exploration of new fishing grounds, promotion of low value fishes.

    Enhancing fish production and productivity

    Ensuring safe fishing

    Increasing livelihood opportunities

    Strengthening social security and welfare measures for fisher folk

    Fish resource conservation and management

    Facilitating improved post harvest practices and value addition with industrial and market linkages.


    For overall growth of the sector, the Department functions with the slogan of ‘’Grow More Fish’’ and the following mandates:

    to increase fish and quality fish seed production in the state with optimum utilization of resources.

    implementation of fishery related schemes of the Government of Assam and Government of India.

    to identify and promote research and studies on fisheries and fishery related areas so that benefit can be disseminated to the grass root level users.

    to collect , compile , analyze and make available adequate / relevant statistical and other information for proper planning to promote fish farming and related industries/ activities.

    to prepare/support in preparation/vet project reports and proposals related to Fisheries and Fishery related industries.

    to provide extension services to fish farmers/ fishermen and fishery entrepreneurs.