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Government Of Assam Fishery Directorate of Fisheries

Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (Rkvy)

  • Introduction

    Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY) is a State Plan Scheme of special additional Central Assistance launched by the Ministry of Agriculture & Farmer Welfare, Government of India and National Development Council (NDC).

    The main objectives of the scheme are:

    • To incentivize the states so as to increase public investment in Agriculture and allied sectors.
    • To provide flexibility and autonomy to states in the process of planning and executing Agriculture and allied sector schemes.
    • To ensure the preparation of agriculture plans for the districts and the states based on agro-climatic conditions, availability of technology and natural resources.
    • To ensure that the local needs/crops/priorities are better reflected in the agricultural plans of the states.
    • To achieve the goal of reducing the yield gaps in important crops, through focused interventions.
    • To maximize returns to the farmers in Agriculture and allied sectors.
    • To bring about quantifiable changes in the production and productivity of various components of Agriculture and allied sectors by addressing them in a holistic manner.

    Fisheries Development in Assam under Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY)

    • RKVY 2017-18


    During 2016-17, out of the approved allocation of Rs. 3300.00 Lakh under RKVY, an amount of Rs. 203.00 Lakh was sanctioned. Accordingly, following schemes are under implementation on priority basis.

    Production Growth

    This component comprises of the following two activities:

    • Inputs for community tank: During 2015-16, an area of 45 ha was developed under RKVY. No inputs were provided to the community tank groups. It is therefore, an amount of Rs. 23.63 lakh (RKVY share) has been earmarked for procurement of inputs.
    • Four days field Training to 1500 farmers @ 20 farmers per batch: Capacity building of farmers to deliver the targeted achievement is an essential component for success of a project. Therefore, an amount of Rs. 24.0 lakh has been allotted for conducting 4 days training at the districts to 1500 farmers.

    Infrastructural Development

    Development and up gradation of departmental Fish and Fish Seed farm:

    Under this scheme, an amount of Rs. 146.00 lakh has been earmarked for development of 36.5 ha of water area of departmental fish and fish seed farm.

    Special Scheme

    Input cost for fish seed rearing ponds ( 2015-16):

    During 2015-16, an area of 6.25 ha was developed. No inputs were provided, therefore, an amount of Rs. 3.28 lakh (RKVY share) has been allotted for procurement of inputs.

    Flexi Fund

    Exposure visit of 50 farmers to Andhra Pradesh/ West Bengal in two batches @ 25 farmers:

    Under this activity, an amount of Rs. 3.50 lakh has been allotted. 50 numbers of progressive farmers will be taken to aquaculture farms of Andhra Pradesh/ West Bengal on exposure visit in 2 batches.

    Administrative Cost

    An amount of Rs. 2.59 has earmarked as administrative cost for all the implementing districts, State Head quarter and Administrative department.

    RKVY 2017-18

    Project proposal amounting to Rs. 36.00 Crore as RKVY project share has been prepared and approved by State Level Sanctioning Committee on 22.06.2017. The project has been supported by Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, DADF, Government of India with some suggestions. The Project as a whole under fisheries sector aims at enhanced fish & seed production and infrastructure development which fall under the focus area of RKVY guidelines. Brief outline of the schemes are placed as follows.

    Production Growth

    This component comprises of the following four activities:

    • Renovation of existing ponds & tanks for fish culture:

      Renovations of old ponds are essential to increase the productivity of fish ponds. Therefore, this scheme is proposed to take renovative measures of existing ponds & tanks that include need based rising of bunds, repairing of pond dykes, dewatering and de-siltation of ponds, removal of weeds etc.

    • Training and exposure visit of officers and staff:

      Arrangement of different types of training at different levels, education and exposure visits are of great importance to improve the job performance of the staff. It is therefore proposed to conduct training and exposure visit within the country in batches.

    • Farmers training and exposure visit:

      Unless farmers are properly educated and motivated to take up latest technologies in the field of fisheries, desired development can’t be realized. Hence, skilled manpower with broad based knowledge and hand on practical experiences in aqua farming is most important consideration for ensuring the success.

    • Awareness/ sensitization programmes, publicity in mass media:

      Create awareness and publicity in mass media among the people is very important to share ideas and knowledge. One of the factors identified for low fish production in the state is poor resources management and lack of motivation and awareness towards scientific culture practices. Considering the importance of awareness and publicity, scheme is proposed with 100% share.

    Infrastructural Development

    The activities proposed are as follows:

    • Construction of new pond by developing low-lying wetland for fish culture:

      The department proposed to expand areas through construction of new fish ponds for aquaculture to get additional fish production in the state. Thrust will be on utilization of the low-lying wetland not suitable for agriculture and depending on availability and interest, community based pond will also be taken into consideration.

    • Construction of new pond for fish seed rearing:

      The state is almost self-sufficient in fish seed production with 6758 million fish seed in the form of fry during 2016-17. However, fingerlings are still not available in the state for stocking. One of the major reasons identified is lack of sufficient rearing areas from fry to fingerlings. It is therefore proposed to take up construction of rearing tank under private sector with 50% project share during 2017-18.

    • Establishment of Fish Seed Hatchery including Breeding kit etc:

      Fish seed presently produced from large eco-hatcheries are genetically of poor quality due to in-breeding and cross-breeding which leads to inadequate annual growth and productivity per unit area. Although there are large number of fish seed hatcheries in the state, still there are areas with dearth of fish seed, particularly in the remote areas, to which priority will be given under the proposed scheme.

    • Up-gradation of existing fish market stall & installation of waste treatment plant

      In the State, few fish markets were constructed under different programmes. Road side rural fish markets have also been developed under RKVY. However the ongoing fish markets are not in very good shape of operation considering consumers safety, waste disposal, drainage and overall hygiene. Considering these aspects, under RKVY 2017-18 it is proposed to develop and upgrade existing fish markets, initially targeting the urban areas.

    • Installation of ice plant

      As fish is a perishable commodity and there is every chance of degradation in quality of fish during storage and transportation resulting consumers safety in stake. Due to lack of sufficient ice fishermen/traders are forced to sell fish at lower prices. In many cases traders are not using ice adequately to minimize cost. Ice plants near the fish markets or major landing centre will address the issue of scarcity of ice. Additionally it is also expected to make ice available at lower price.

    Special Scheme

    This component comprises of following activities

    • Support to entrepreneurs engaged in ornamental fish production/marketing

      Ornamental fish sector is not well organized in the state whereas a large number of indigenous fishes are reported to have demand in national and international markets. Therefore, it is proposed to support ornamental fish production and marketing through breeding, production and marketing units under this activity.

    • Promotional support to entrepreneurs on value added fish products

      Women play a very important role not only for development of the household but also for uplift of present socio-economic condition of the State. One of the important areas in fisheries, where women can easily get involved is value addition to fish products. SHGs formed exclusively by women and registered under the Fisheries Department will be supported under the scheme.

    • Support to successful fishery co-operative societies for production enhancement/ marketing on pilot scale: Cooperative system plays an important role in providing vital support services community development. In the fishery sector, cooperative have the potential to boost up small and medium scale fishery development. However, many of such fishery co-operative societies are either remaining defunct or not fully functioning upto their potential. Fishery Department, Assam has proposed to provide need based support in the form of developing society’s resource for fish culture and production including post-harvest facilities.
    • Aerator to progressive fish farmers on pilot scale: With a view to enhance production for the existing resources, one of may be one of the viable propositions to boost the production. With a view to encourage these farmers to go for higher production and income, it is proposed to provide aerators in feasible areas.
    • Renovation and up gradation of departmental training centers: With a view to build the capacity of the farmers, interested youth and departmental officers and staffs, 9 training centers were established under different programmes. However, most of the training centres are in poor condition with no scope for providing residential training. Therefore, this scheme is proposed with 100% project share for renovation and up gradation of training centers.
    • Development and up gradation of departmental Fish Seed Farm: Departmental fish farms are producing quality fish seed which are in great demand among the farmers. But Most of the farms were established during 1970s and most of them are with poor fishery infrastructure over the years, requiring development interventions to build up as model farms. Many of these became defunct or under-utilized due to many reasons, including non-availability of funds for renovation. Therefore, only such farms are targeted as model farms for development and up gradation.
    • Promotion of fisheries activities through participation in national events/ programmes: As a means of publicity, awareness and sharing knowledge and information among different states and stakeholders, the department has to participate in different national programmes and events such as World Fish Day, National Fish Farmers’ Day or Fish Festivals etc. For this purpose an amount of Rs. 5.00 lakh has been proposed as a lump sum amount.

    Flexi Fund

    • Strengthening of State Fish Laboratory (departmental):

      The project proposes to upgrade the existing State Fish Laboratory to offer the necessary services for the farmers. There are four main concerns of State fish laboratory viz. water testing, soil testing, feed testing and health hazard/disease control. In Assam, there is no such kind of specific laboratory for fisheries sector that provides above mentioned facilities to farmers at same location. Thus, there is a need for upgrading the laboratory to a state of art laboratory. In this context, this scheme is proposed as 100% project share for strengthening of State Fish Laboratory.

    • Seminar/workshops and stakeholders meet :

      Under this scheme, seminar/ workshops / meetings are proposed to be organized among stakeholders and involvement of different institutes of state and national repute. These will mainly focus on e-governance, resource mapping, geo-tagging, innovation practices, strategic plan, monitoring and evaluation syatems etc.

    • Development of GNB Tank (departmental), Guwahati (Phase-I):

      The Gopinath Bordoloi Tank under the Department of Fisheries covering about 6 ha water area is lying just beside the State Fisheries Head Quarter at Guwahati. There is tremendous scope for developing this tank in the heart of Guwahati as an eco-friendly aqua-park for increasing production, revenue generation, providing recreational facilities to the citizen and a demonstration model. It is also envisaged to utilize solar energy for the related activities. As it will take a longer time for accomplishing the project, it is intended to take up in a phased manner. Accordingly, an amount of Rs 30.00 lakh is proposed during 2017-18.

    Administrative Cost

    1% of the total project cost is earmarked as administrative cost for all the implementing districts, State Head quarter and Administrative department.