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Success Story

Breeding OF Puntius sarana (Cheniputhi ) AT ULUBARI FISH SEED FARM, GUWAHATI

Puntius sarana (Cheniputhi ) is a medium sized carp species with moderate growth rate. It is a tasty, popular and favorite table fish among barb species. It can be sold at higher price even at smaller size of 100–200 g. It is related with lots of old Assamese stories, songs and proverbs. In the ancient Assamese society, the name of this fish was symbolically used to express somebody most beautiful.

Few decades ago, this species was abundant in natural water bodies of Assam and it was a very good sport fish for rural anglers. But the population of this species decreased drastically during last few decades and now it is rarely found in natural water bodies of Assam.

Ulubari Fish Seed Farm, Guwahati (Departmental Farm) has completed first experimental breeding operation of Puntius sarana during the year 20I4. Brooders were collected from natural water bodies. Seeds produced were distributed to some progressive fish farmers, Departmental Farm for culture and also to some temple tanks for conservation. Process of Breeding is going on every year for multiplication of the species.

Some photographs of Cheniputhi fish and seed produced at Ulubari Fish Seed farm-

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4 Lakhimpur Anchalik Meen Mahal Samity .pdf210.97 KBswf-image
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Success Story